Introducing the world's first commercially viable, full-color, solid-state laser projection system.

At LightRush®, the dream of laser-light television, video, and computer graphics display is rapidly becoming reality.

Ever since laser projection was first demonstrated, it was recognized as the ideal technology for all types of image displays due to the properties of fully saturated, monochromatic red, green and blue laser light. As a consumer product, however, the gas lasers used in those early experiments were far too large, too expensive to purchase, and too costly to operate to be practical. Since then, several major electronics companies have attempted to develop a laser display product for the consumer market, but without success.

Enter solid-state lasers and LightRush®.

LightRush® developed a new, patented display system using solid-state lasers as its light source. The system offers significant advantages over all other display technologies. Our proprietary (LLE) Laser Light Engine® produces superior picture quality with true lifelike color. LightRush puts the future of image display in a whole new light.

No More Color Blindness

From many tests conducted over the last few years, our display system has been found to allow all persons with color vision deficiency in all colors, including red, green or blue, to see each of these colors for the first time.

This includes all other colors associated with the RGB colors. The color spectrum frequencies of our system are very broad and allow this phenomenon for colorblind persons to see RGB without glasses. They enjoy this experience with no other optical help.

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